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She Sees All ~ Ka Amorastreya

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Owl medicine helps one to see in the darkest places, and hear what is underneath the surface. Heightened perception, discernment and intuition are keys to owl's wisdom.  This painting, oil on canvas, captures the essence of owl's deep feminine wisdom and intuitive vision. A 26 pointed mandala radiates from her eye, forming a halo of light lattice. White and garnet...

Yin and Yang ~ Ka Amorestreya

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 Visionary Art by Ka Amoresteya woven into beautifully detailed Art Blankets. Soft, cozy and conscious ~ 60% Recycled. Made in the USA!  Perfect for yoga, meditation, festivals, Burning Man.   Light cannot exist without darkness, and neither can dark without light. The stars are visible only in the dark of night, while the brightest light casts the strongest shadows. Yin...

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