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The Spiritual Artist Elle Nicolai renders what she sees with the Inner Eye – Visions and Thought Paintings from Dreams and States of Meditation. She refers to these Transcendental Images and Symbols as Alchemies of the TransVisible

Totem Mandala ~ Elle Nicolai

$ 85.00

This symbolic image and its name appeared during a Journey through the Rainforest in Central America, while accompanied by members of a Ngobe Bugle community in the COMARCA. . In our imagination we create the world around us. Our beliefs, thoughts and emotions become our reality. This is your Totem of Creation. It brings focus, balance and empowerment; as well...

Tree of Life Field of Souls ~ Elle Nicolai

$ 85.00

.The child within finds solace in the contemplation of this symbolic image. This is home, our field of souls. All is well, dear one. The blessing of the Tree of Life is upon us. Remember who you are… Bring your attention to the Light, and the Good, and the Beauty and Perfection you find in the simplest of ways, and more...

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