~Weaving extraordinary pieces of Surreal and Visionary Artwork into classic American heirloom throws~
Transforming an incredible,one of a kind piece of Art into a beautiful Art Blanket creates a high quality yet affordable way for anyone to own and appreciate these awe inspiring pieces of surreal, visionary Art. In our effort to make this universally conscious Artwork more accessible to everyone we strive to work with these artists to Raise Awareness about our responsibility to ourselves and Our Planet.
After all..It’s up to Us!

“In using Art as a tool for transformation, we have the opportunity to create a reality as beautiful, healthy and strong as our imagination permits” ~ M. Hoffmann

“Be Art of the Solution”

Supporting Farms and Families here at home all of our Art Blankets are Proudly Made in the USA!

If you would like to see your Art woven into an intricately detailed
American heirloom throw, we can make that happen! Find out how
on our “Create 1″ page.

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