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  • Weaving art into beautiful American heirloom throws!

  • "Art with Vision"

  • Made with 60% Recycled Cotton

  • Proud to Support Farms & Families

  • Grown & Woven in the USA


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Our Goal is to offer a functional, high end medium that allows artist’s to reproduce original one of a kind pieces of Art and share their Vision with the world. Transforming an extraordinary piece of Art into a beautiful Art Blanket creates an affordable way for anyone to own and appreciate some of the world’s finest surreal, psychedelic and visionary Art. In our effort to make their art more accessible to everyone we hope to work with these Artists to raise awareness about our responsibility to ourselves and our Planet.


~Be Art of the Solution~

Supporting American Farms and Families ~ Grown and Woven in the USA!

Supporting the Earth ~ Super Soft - 60% Recycled Cotton


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